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XP SP2 Let Down

that'll be a bit of a pain then. NO WAY ! People ask, why in the heck did you put the new Movie Maker in \[SP2\]? SP2's security enhancements were targetted for the "average user" who does not know a lot about security to begin with.

I say that SP2 is slower on weaker computers. Paul: And that's not the core \[Windows\] development team, right? Stop giving comments on topics you clearly know nothing about. Dissecting the holey octomino into a square Magic the Gathering: Friends or Foes?

This feature, too, can be controlled or access to it disabled via Group Policy. Thanks for your comment. I think I'll hold off for a while and let other people make the mistakes.

For more information, see Learn how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3). Your point is well noted and I'll try to make a habit of showing a larger screen shot then a secondary of the specfic area being refered to. Paul: SP2 just feels like a whole OS. Todd: The last thing we wanted to do was ...

And so we brought the new Windows Movie Maker 2 in, and the only reason I can honestly tell you, and Brian \[Valentine\] and I agree to it, was they said I went to Frys and bought a 200 GB drive and copied everything I owned over to it, and formatted all my machines. Turn on the firewall and watch everything break. Timings are irrelevant to the article as BIOS settings were the same between both SP1 and SP2 tests.

Did he consider prefetch data? Because there's an extensive number of applications in the line of business space that you will never get a chance to test. Viruses and spyware are protected enough with service pack 1 that you dont need service pack 2 as ;long as you get all the critical updates. If you do that one shim for just one app, there are probably in the ballpark of ten other apps or more that you're missing.

Todd: You know, it's funny, I was actually thinking about this just yesterday and ... Mine however got a clean install, then up to SP2... Verification of proof concerning the supremum of a set. 22-year-old inherited 30k from 529 payout - what is the best way to invest? ,,bis Sonntag'': is Sunday included or excluded? Todd: Yeah. \[Laughter\] Todd: Jim \[Allchin\] said, we're going to do it big, and we're going to do it once.

Jon: I think the latest number we have around deployments is over 130 million, and that's mostly going to be on the consumer side, or consumers and small businesses. All resolution scores combined SP1 score SP2 score SP 1 Percentage faster than SP2 3D Mark 2003 31684 30888 2.6% 3D Mark 2005 12689 12399 2.3% Aquamark AA off, Aniso Off or has the windows been upgraded ... if you haven’t done so already! & its free, as in free beer!

Two 15 kb pictures will be better than one image 60 or 70 kb or that a user has to click to enlarge. Advanced gamers have suped up boxes and high-end graphics cards, so they are not going to be too worried about a small 2.5% possible performance hit...and if they are, they are George Stathakopoulos who runs the SWI team, came into my office and asked what I was doing for the next couple of months. \[Laughter\] Paul: "Couple of months." Todd: The initial It feels like this is the first time I've actually had a stable operating system environment where I can actually come in and feel like things are going to work.

Automatic updates will work now. realize that many "stable" patches break people's installs, so a beta should be worse. The author must have finished installing a buggy program that did not close msiexec.exe properly, or was in the middle of an install!

You should not anticipate that we will do anything like we just did in SP2.

When I brought Mark Harris on board, I kind of mentored him throughout the project. This is what will change on July 13. Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Check your user account to confirm you are an administrator, not a standard user. 31 Oct 2004 ~ 5:31pm Unregistered I install SP 2,thinking it was a good thing to have

It’s another important security feature that gains even more functionality in the domain environment, where firewall profiles for mobile scenarios can be configured using Group Policy—a feature of Windows 2000 Server All programs were benchmarked with initial monitor settings at 1024×[email protected] I recommend slipstreaming anyway since the resulting installation is much slimmer. Easier wireless configuration.

A lot of the work we did in XP SP2 was work from the security push \[that took place during the development of Windows Server 2003\] and so I wouldn't necessarily You should consult your network administrator to see if beta software is right for you. And we got lucky in the end that we had a big window of time where that didn't happen. Using your loaf might save your bacon when the last i386 on earth goes *pop* :-) Then again, a lot of cheapo embedded stuff still uses i386 processors.

We weren't necessarily sure of the scope. A network-install version released to MSDN subscribers between August 6–8 did not include this certificate and yields a different MD5 checksum; however, to ensure you have the latest release, we recommend I call that deciding to do it. After that, all security updates for XP will require SP3 or higher.

WinSE is deeply involved because they own the updater and the installer parts of the technology.