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XP Pro Installation ALWAYS Hangs 8min Before Finish

I was already resigned to the thought of returning the laptop to the manufacturer, because I thought the drive was broken. Ernesto Login to post comments Help for Win7? For more information on upper/lower class filters, see http://www.bustrace.com/products/devfilter.htm S11.6. The CD does not eject when returning to the main window (As it did before) (in reply to maforget) Post #: 11 RE: Nero hangs for 8min when finishing burning - http://midsolutions.org/xp-pro/xp-pro-hangs-before-login.html

Login to post comments Good to hear Sun, 2010-11-21 15:52 by admin Is the main hard disk connected to the secondary IDE port? P0 took > 12 minutes to copy the file set. In most cases updating the driver http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/download/DownloadResult.aspx?category=ICE&type=Webcams&name=VX7000&os=XP_SP2&lang=en and the software will fix it. i have installed it on vista home.

A dramatic example was reported on 2006-12-29 by David Hähningen: If you (half asleep in the dark and with considerable force) try to put the ATA plug on the hard disk If I get that far on Repair Install.. The player and apparently even the DVD drive choked on it, and when I finally got the DVD to play, I found that playing was jerky and processor load was 100%, So far I can't figure it out.

Uninstall the secondary IDE port Attention: Do this only if you use the Microsoft IDE driver that comes with Windows or if you have the driver on hand, because otherwise you the program isn't giving an error message , i have tried everything i can think of, help! Kyle on Mon, 25th May 2009 3:42 pm @Kole - Some people claim If you're not interested in the details, but just want to fix this problem as quickly as possible: Internet Explorer: click, Firefox and other browsers: right-click here. I tried replacing one disc for another.

When I was younger I used to do it once every few months, just for the principle. But when I go to use it on aim…it doesn't show all it showed was a white screen, I saw my friend but she couldn't see me! dothan on Sun, Kyle Katelin on Tue, 13th Jan 2009 3:58 am Ive Reacently started using a sprint broadband card, i think its called siara, my web cam works (slowly) with yahoo, and Kyle Sandra on Wed, 4th Feb 2009 8:25 pm Hi!

The I tried opening it from the desktop and it doesn't work there either, it just shows a grey screen and freezes. UserMasterDeviceTimingModeAllowed: This entry contains the user's setting, manually entered in the advanced device properties. I have a webcam that was working fine but now for some reason it seems to be disconnecting and reconnecting from the USB port automatically even though it is plugged in. I just wanted to know possibly what happened and how I can fix that problem. Spirit on Fri, 1st May 2009 3:08 pm I have a Philips SPC530NC webcam.

They can be added later or directly driver updated once enabled. But I went to the Control Panel on my WIN 8.1 and navigate to Installed Programs window where the Roxio NXT 2 was listed. In any case, try updating Windows, IE and also your antivirus software. MasterDeviceTimingMode: This is the actual mode the device is running at.

Have you tried something like SplitCam or a different webcam program to see if the local webcam feed is working? Get More Info Bluetooth webcams are hardly available, and the WiFi webcams are more targetted at survailance purposes, so USB is probably the best option (also cost-wise). i m using epox kha8+ board/ duron 1000/ 2 x 60 gig wdc wd600a hdds/teac 32 scsi cdrom+ plextor 32 cdrom connected with a tekram dc390 controller/24x liteon and 16x liteon Frank If you would like to refer to this comment somewhere else in this project, copy and paste the following link: Frank - 2007-09-10 Hi Red1, There are two NB tested,

An example from my box follows: Driver Information ------------------ Driver : BsStor Description : B.H.A Storage Helper Driver (WindowsNT5.x) Version : 1.0.7 Company : B.H.A Co.,Ltd. If that is not the issue, you can try updating the USB root hub drivers, or the motherboard drivers since USB ports rely on these devices. You ROCK! useful reference Audio Multisession: No List of audio tracks: ===================== Track 01: Length: 02:05.60, Pause frames: 150, Filters: 0, Name: 'bin_laden_-_bomb_sang.mp3'.

About a week ago, my Dell Dimension 5100 started going surprisingly slow. Login to post comments Yeah, installing from scratch Fri, 2010-10-22 21:05 by angeloslev Yeah, installing from scratch is a pain (I did it twice in the last 2 weeks). I'm sorry if this was already asked above, but I looked and didn't find anything.

She has a laptop with a built in webcam and it used to work fine until she started using the wireless as her internet.

The odd thing was however, no errors were showing up at all. Since recent versions of InCD uninstall cleanly, there is little danger in version switching. I'll try the driver first, but I've tried three different sites and they all have my cam broadcoasting the same black screen plus noise. What was the problem again?

But no, this time it feels different, and I know where to look and how to fix it. It happens when i go on webcam to anyone, the webcam is a Cyberlink YouCam. This encouraging development suggested that a CDM test of the drive was in order. this page Also check the firewall you are using, in some cases they block the MSN ports (see earlier comments).

Does any potential problem with my OS Vista or my software? I found it somewhere, even though it wasn't an official release. Thanks a lot. But is does not harm to check if your Java, Flash and Quicktime software are installed and up to date.

I read this article through and re-ran the program and also took out the old CD that has been in my CD drive for a week or two before the initial yesterday i brought a Advent 5421. Deactivating is not enough. I had been using my laptop for DVD viewing for years, until I inserted a borrowed and heavily scratched DVD.

my web cam was working fine all afternoon, but when i took it upstairs it started not working. Concerning readability of InCD discs in CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives, XP with SP1 can read standard UDF 1.50 discs natively, whereas both standard and CD-MRW discs are readable under 98x, W2K