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XP Home Will Not See W2K Network

Everything works fine with that. > When I click on the notebook with XP Home I am asked to > give user id and password, but no password has been set Now I can see the shared folders on *ONE* of XPH machines, even though only the XPP machine appears in the MYNAME workgroup. Thanks to all who responded! If you're having a computer problem, ask on our forum for advice. my review here

XP Home users must log on using Safe mode to access the Administrator account. Recent PostsContaining the cloud: Getting started with Windows containersQuantum computing will doom us. Edoardo Bianchi Guest I've got a small network with 2 computers. Pinging is fine.

My friend keeps on changing the password of my administrator account through the safe mode. XP doesn't care which card is installed and identifies the interfaces uniquely, so switching back and forth isn't a problem, even if users never reboot their computers (many users just hibernate Regards, Sandeep • Comments on this entry are closed.

One of the Win 2K machines 'sees' the elusive non-networking XP Home machine SAM, but can access it (same error message as above). Do you have a valid IP-address out of your Network-ID? You can network XP Home and Pro together with no problems. What am I doing wrong?

You do need Pro, as you say. (It's the reason I rarely, if ever, run XP Home here at home.) The other alternative would be some kind of third party remote edition Log In or Register to post comments Danny (not verified) on Oct 29, 2009 Hi, I have a problem sharing files and folders between my XP Home Laptop and my Advertisements Latest Threads WCG Stats Saturday 18 March 2017 WCG Stats posted Mar 18, 2017 at 8:00 AM trouble installing unity web player anyname posted Mar 17, 2017 at 5:48 PM I set it up, hooked it to our network and fired it up.

So, to recap. I've added a keep alive registry key but that's not it. I wish to share files, printer, scanner and internet connection. TCP/IP is set up to use DNS on a LAN.

I'd like to be able to locate the file server in the basement without any keyboard or monitor attached. TCP/IP is good because I can ping the localhost. The UI for IP Security (IPSec) is available only in XP Pro. i want to access router another plase through .

One of the 3 Win 2k Pro machines can 'see' but not access the 'non-networking' XP Home machine. this page is there a telnet/ssh equivalent, so i can access my pc remotely from my mac? Used the actual share names when I tried it the other way. Both Terminal Services and Remote Desktop allow you to connect to a Windows machine over a network net and get a full desktop.

In either case the keys to accessing a machine remotely are: The machine you want to connect to must have either Terminal Services or Remote Desktop sharing installed and running. I totally spaced off on it and I failed the class because of it. how does one normally do this? get redirected here first of all realvnc is not a remote desktop application it's a remote control, some ppl might want to have remote desktop so they can remote in the local account is

Member Login Remember Me Forgot your password? Is there another way where I can go to run on the start button type in the script click the OK button and gain access without witout the administrator's rights? Re: KDC's suggestion about the subnet mask.

Aziz June 16, 2007 2:50 AM Hello sir, i want to acces my friends mchine through internet so that i can remotely connect with his machine through internet , can you

Check the > cable... > Then check your TCP/IP settings with "ipconfig /all" from > within a MS-Dos Box. > Do you have a valid IP-address out of your Network-ID? > PROBLEM > IS: notebook with xp home can browse all shared folders on > pc with Windows 2000, not viceversa. WindowsBBS Forums > Internet & Networking > Networking (Hardware & Software) > This site uses cookies. Log In or Register to post comments Bruce (not verified) on Sep 26, 2004 hi.how can I restict users from accessing and changing my administrator account in windows xp home ed.

Thanks a lot Felix Martinez Leo May 12, 2005 7:42 PM I'd have to see the specific error message. The network path was not found.Click to expand... XP Home supports no group policies. useful reference You never did say specifically but for any of this to work properly, you absolutely must have each PC logging on with a username/password and each machine needs a local copy

Turn it off at the router and set each PC with a static IP/netmask. When I log on locally I have no problem thereafter. I can access internet ok, but can't ping my own internal IP ( in the case), so all the internal network resources doesn't exist for this Vaio Notebook. Am I somehow being blocked, and if I am, can I bypass?

Thanks Log In or Register to post comments PENIS (not verified) on Jun 7, 2006 PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS PENIS Log In or Register to post comments Robert on Mar 22, TCP/IP is good because I can ping the localhost. > > BTW, this is my first time working with XP; my own computers run > Windows 2000 Professional, but it seems The subnet mask is: The IP address is Three machines are running Win 2K Pro (Mike, Margaret, Dave) Three machines are running XP Home (Sam and Brenda - desktops,