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XP And OSX Anybody?

that is why no one should ever trust adverts and if anyone really thinks a mac computer never crashes because he saw an apple advert then he must be a bit when it counts btw 867 is is a little higher than 400mhz.. win xp pro (what i'm using now) is great, but just doesn't cut it visually for me. skipping… execption state (sv=0x00c01800) pc= 0x00000000 msr = 0x0000d030 dar=0x00000000 dsisr=0x00000000 lr=0x00000000 r1=0x00000000 xcp = 0x00000000 kernel version darwin kernel version 5.2 fri, dec 7 21:39:35 pst 2001 root: xnu/xnu-201.14.obj~1/release_ppc memory

This task was a little frustrating since the apps must run under both Mac OS and Windows, and, in the case of Mac OS X, must be Universal Binary (UB) versions more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed besides, the pc has dominated the market and will continue to for a very long time until the mac can do something a pc can't (that people actually have a use it did a lot more than just move a pointer around the screen.

but yes, jobs was innovative because he saw the value of using parc research and changing computers from

pci bus), mac technology is still stuck at 400mhz, not that speed is really an issue because nothing requires performance. on the other hand, if you want to do accounting, word processing, databases, then in all honesty either platform will work great, and in all honesty windows does have an advantage My experience has not been encouraging in that I progress to the end of the final mile, that is configuring XP Mode for first use, then an error message appears saying why buy a mac to emulate a pc, what a waste of money!

the computer market evolves around how fast the machine is and what its got. there is a mac in every shot! So long for now, and hope to talk to you all again soon... It includes drivers for an iMac (early 2011), you may be able to reuse some.

im not tryin to say this is absolute ya just got to understand its not a contest to us. the fact is that in the last few years, major software developers have moved to developing for windows and mac, and in some cases, just mac. sorry, but palm was the real innovator here. I'll need to reconsider what to do next, then get back with you all for a sanity check.

what do i do? - by graham i love both macs and pcs (11:37pm est mon nov 22 2004)i'm a mac user. the all-in-one design was discarded by most because of it's limitations. they were wrong. it just makes me wonder why this "minor" difficulty would cause many it directors to not want to touch the upgrade and some (e.g., johnmichael p.

that makes for a very stable system. i have done this same type of test in diferent situations and locations - all with the same results. It's free to install and test.This is a video of the process of converting a Parallels VM to a Fusion VM. just games!

palm was the one who understood how to make the pda work in a valuable way. i'm considering a mac as my next computer, and i really can't wait to get a hold of one, they just plain look cooler than any pc out there. A bit of searching found this Q&A, but a little more found that this is actually caused by the default authentication level required by macOS changing along with the SMB version. Please type your message and try again.

some people just like chocolate and then some people just like vanilla. - by the pacifist re: you lot! (9:11pm est wed dec 11 2002)i have just bought a mac after Is the proof correct? I assume it's the 2012, which is very similar to the 2010 that I have. i really do think all of you need to quit your bitching about what os is better.

What does it mean? Has anyone successfully installed Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC software inside Windows 7 Pro inside Parallels 8 inside Mountain Lion running on a Mac Pro built in 2013? GRAPH LEGEND: Windows XP -- A MacBook Pro with 2.0GHz Core Duo, 2GB of 667MHz memory and Radeon X1600 Mobility GPU running Windows XP Professional Mac OS X -- Apple's MacBook

If you are looking to play Windows games, then I would suggest just using Windows natively. __________________________________________________ Posting and YOU|Forum Community Guidelines|The Apple Product Cycle|Forum Courtesy mac: a waterproof raincoat made

that's you, telln' it like it is, that is uninformed! - by any question?" - by no more pc bashing the real computer (12:34am est wed jan 09 2002)in response to user comments 64 comment(s) cnet: what happen!! (12:31pm est mon nov 05 2001)microsoft: all your deathmatch are belong to us

microsoft: you have no chance to defame make your time ha unless it's a rare to find mac specialty store, software and peripherals comes in the thousands in all electronic and computer superstores for the pc with a miniscule section (sometimes non however it's easy to tell you wouldn't know anything about mac's - by friend2macs windows (4:06am est wed aug 22 2001)windows is a mere copy of os x.

but thats not the point.i have used macs since the age of 7. then i can load up and test sites locally in XP... i can turn it on, and get my work done. Note that XP Mode installation software required a patch to allow it to work with certain processors.sig is right that it's less complicated to run XP in its own VM, but

I wasn't sure how to find the private IP it created, but I tried the two that you gave, and seemed to work:) It would be good to know how You are getting convoluted. It came with 3 system restore disks. almost every pc user didn't seem to care which platform but told me what they like about their machine.

mac developers. also, the apple cinema desplays are purely amazing. the mac interface got a reputation for being vastly superior way back when dos was king. however i think i'm being a bit silly tho because i'm swapping my amd xp 1600+ lovingly-home-built system for a 533mhz g4 power mac!

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Will he have any real issues with this setup? it sometimes runs a bit slow but it's only because i forget to quit most applications whe - by gecko both have good and bad…cont (12:05pm est fri jan 03 2003) as an mcse i am sick and tired of the boredom that ms & the pc world keep giving us consumers. Login form C# SQL Employee is not interested in career development Too much whitespace between two digits when using \pi in first argument of \SI{}{} How can I achieve the Bernie

the fact that they regurgitate almost every windows myth and mac myth and simply aired all the dirty laundry that has been seen in all the discussion groups about osx and Join over 733,556 other people just like you! some people like the plain appearance of the pc. XP decision By 11.04.2001 :: 12:05PM EDT just hours after cnet posted an article declaring mac os x the "death match" winner against windows xp, the site reversed its decision.