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Xbox 360 And Oblivion Problem

Other games don't have these problems. It is not linked to the in game "imaginary" time that has passed: I slept away a quarter of a year in the game and it still happened around the same However, the player may find that he is not there. This time I made it to the gatekeeper and fought him. http://midsolutions.org/xbox-360/xbox-360-brigde-problem.html

Vicissitude on February 2007http://www.myspace.com/framesordie0 Lanz Registered User regular February 2007 edited February 2007 Vicissitude wrote: » SyphonBlue wrote: » Is the 360 vertical, or laying horizontal? Show more Language: English Content location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Loading... There are those little scratches that come from nowhere, and it keeps crashing my game when I'm trying to talk to somebody. There is an exploit if the player can find a person that will buy items that is outside a city while on a horse.

Fast RMX Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch The Legend of Zelda:... Think twice about becoming a vampire unless the player has the The Vile Lair official plug-in. The last solution to solve this is the paintbrush glitch. going...

Wabbajack glitchEdit Issue: When the player uses the Wabbajack to transmute their own horse, they are simultaneously kicked out of every guild they have joined. This is NOT a problem with the game freezing during loading or simply freezing completely so that the whole game needs to be reset. This can be useful if one uses this glitch to give oneself Water Breathing. This might be caused by running point blank at the door when performing the glitch.

Retrieved from "http://en.uesp.net/w/index.php?title=Oblivion:Xbox_360&oldid=1605101" Category: OblivionHidden categories: All Pages Needing VerificationOblivion Pages Needing Verification Navigation menu Views Oblivion Discussion Edit History Personal tools Create account Log in Search general Main Page Featured To duplicate the Staff of Worms, find a dead body, then remove any weapon it may have. Hopefully the best one I hav ever made. The Siren's DeceptionEdit Issue: In Anvil, for the quest The Siren's Deception, it is possible that the player will not be able to enter the farmhouse.

Using an Xbox 360 Memory Unit (MU)[edit] It's possible to transfer Oblivion save games from an Xbox 360 memory unit to the PC, but it is a much more difficult process. This bug has been found in after patch v.1.2.0416 Shopkeepers: Cannot sell or haggle items. I just got a ticket number to send mine in for the same problem. It is also possible to remove the patch if you ever feel the need to.

Click File and then click Open/Close Drive Click the folder called Content until you reach the file with your save Right click and select Extract Save it to your desktop Minimize Check out The Alchemist's Corner thread!)(Like GTA:Vice City? If the player then returns to where they summoned the being, then it will not say"-name-'s atronach" and so on. GlitchesEdit Duplicating items with a bowEdit Note: Does not work on PS3.

This may apply to both the Lost Histories quest, and the quest to buy the house in Skingrad. useful reference here... The player can use the console command to turn off the clipping and walk under or through the rock. Xbox 360 Fixes[edit] One problem specific to the Xbox 360 is that the cached game data can become fragmented, leading to a gradual deterioration of game performance, including lagging and screen

I went back a few save files (I learned long ago to save often in my games) and tried stripping down my character to bare bones. Issue: After finding Velwyn in the Imperial City his disposition toward the Hero is 100, and that's regardless of Personality score or even if the player never tried to raise his In fact the door not opening issue is quite bizarre in that if I fire off a series of fire bolts eventually the 'flame' accumulates and the door opens and the http://midsolutions.org/xbox-360/xbox-360-airport-online-thru-workgroup-swith-problem.html Sign in to add this video to a playlist.

He will take the sword and they will not have to do his quest. Duplicate the item that they are not wearing, that one plus the one they are wearing should be dropped. I switched to the scrolls method on that same character after that and continued to dupe until the graphics freezing began.

It always happened no matter where I was in the game world.

Also it is possible that after killing the gang, the quest is not updated. Note: these chests are under many stores, and often hold most of the store owner's inventory. No character-specific items, quest items, or rewards will duplicate: the game includes only a certain number of these in one game. However, if you had downloaded additional content that relied on the patch, loading a save game may cause your game to crash (particularly true if The Shivering Isles is installed), or

Simply jump over the wall in order to enter an unbound map with no detail. electricviolinpownz 53,243 views 6:46 Easter Eggs - Oblivion - Elder Scrolls IV - Duration: 46:27. it is not linked to the area.percusski:Can you reply here please if you read this and tell me how the above conditions match up with your situation???Does anyone else have some http://midsolutions.org/xbox-360/how-to-play-original-xbox-games-on-xbox-360.html Steal the house key, start the quest, let her take the book, then just go back to her place and take it. Or, simply pick the lock on the door with lockpicks, magic,

Copy the save files directly to your PC; this replaces steps 1 through 4 above. Note: This bug is somewhat inconsistent. Find a cave somewhere with NPCs that use weapons. Open the Xchange 360 software that comes with the transfer kit.

Opt to take the tour and steal the ring when Una Armina is not looking.) They can receive both enchantments from the Ring Of Desiccation (Water walking and Water Breathing) permanently If it does not fix, keep reading: Before ever talking to the Shrine of Clavicus Vile, go to Vindasel, here the player can find Umbra with her sword.