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Why Does My Microsoft Word Document Display Differently On Different Computers


In the Paragraph dialog, on the Line and Page Breaks tab, tick “Keep with next”. The myth might have come about in one of two ways. Subscribe (Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, ever.) Comments for this tip: If you would like to add an image to your comment (not an avatar, but an image NEW Can I index without having to see all the whitespace marks? http://midsolutions.org/word-document/word-document-formatting-changes-on-different-computers.html

If you are trying to accomplish this with tags already in your index -- for example, you might have XE fields for a subject index, while you're trying to also create Office 2007 Academic Edition E-mail attachment size Outlook 2007 office 07 question how to convert word doc to vb code ? Then, make sure that you're using \f flags in the {INDEX} tags that match the ones you're using in your {XE} fields. Or maybe you want to write your index without having all of your hidden text visible and cluttering up the screen.

Why Does My Microsoft Word Document Display Differently On Different Computers

For example, the entry {XE "Washington: presidency of"} will sort before {XE "Washington:biography of"} because of that extra little space before the word presidency, after the colon. It can sometimes get caught up in a heading or a cross-reference, which will break your table of contents or cross-references. See a list of all the article tags.

If you are requesting permission to re-use any information on this site, then you may do so with appropriate acknowledgement of her work. Here’s the scenario. Use styles for all numbering. Difference Between Ms Word 2003 And 2007 And 2010 So the text appears to "change".

However, manual changes are just that: manual. Word Document Displays Differently Different Computers Images larger than 600px wide or 1000px tall will be reduced. For example, suppose you have a common main entry for "publicity," when you decide that you're better off with a cross reference like "publicity. What happens when I use custom styles?

In general, you will want to override the sort for only one level; my exaggerated example above overrides all three levels. Word Document Changes When Printing Index entries aren't showing up in the index My index entries suddenly vanished Can I delete all my ___ entries? The answer is straightforward: provide a sort override for your digits with leading zeros. You'd be amazed how many people are still writing me saying, "but I don't get it." :-) An index is comprised of two pieces: a  bunch of {XE} fields, and

Word Document Displays Differently Different Computers

But please don't do this! That is, copy your {XE} field and paste it in the other locations. Why Does My Microsoft Word Document Display Differently On Different Computers Start by searching for the uppercase XE to find your entries. (If your textual entries aren't formatted with hidden text, I recommend hiding hidden characters while you do this search to Word Document Changes Format When Emailed My two indexes aren't working NEW How do I get the index to appear after the endnotes?

NEW Creating the index erased my headers and footers! http://midsolutions.org/word-document/word-document-looks-like-gibberish.html Are you sure there isn't a third entry someplace? Since markers are hidden text, your DELETE_ME markers will remain hidden from publications; further, they'll fail to become index entries since Word won't interpret them as XE markers. In Word 2007 and Word 2010: on the Developer tab, click the Template button then click Organizer. Word Document Layout Messed Up

You can copy styles from the document to its template, or vice versa. I am an expert on Word indexing. Discover More Understanding Mirror Margins Rather than have the margins of your documents always be the same, you can use what Word calls "mirror margins." Here's how... news This site is for you!

To see the Paragraph dialog, on the Home tab, click the dialog launcher in the Paragraph group (Figure 2). Formatting Differences Between Word Versions This will highlight every field in your document, all at once. Trying to type {XE ... } will not give you what you need.

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  1. I have a problem with this feature being called "autoindex," as if computer-generated indexes were actually any good.
  2. Select the whole table.
  3. Microsoft Office 2003 Outlook 2007 Will not let me work!!! 7 Failed Microsoft Office Updates Outlook 2003 Problem Outlook 2003 fails to open Problems inserting pictures in MS Word 97 Office
  4. It would be treated like the text that it is.
  5. Remember that Word ignores index entries that produce the same result in the generated index, such as two identical entries on the same page.

Over the years, I've received a large number questions from writers and indexers looking for helpful solutions to seemingly unsolvable situations. If you need to apply edits to the index manually, you MUST make sure not to implement these changes until the index is finished, never to be regenerated again. Instead of using "names" and "subjects" as codes, use "1_names" and "2_subjects". Automatically Update Document Styles You email the document to yourself to work on it at home on the weekend.

And so on. You’re going to send it back to the office on Monday morning. When you've un-colored all of your non-XE fields, search-and-delete all orange fields from your document. More about the author for this one.) Why can't I get certain characters my headings?

Figure 1: Avoid the Insert > Page Break feature Using the Line and Page Breaks tab on the Paragraph dialog Most pagination options are found in the Paragraph dialog. Cross references within the {XE} fields are no different than my typing "Washington, George. UNSOLVED! First of all, you want to make sure that you've actually generated your index since that "missing entry" was typed.

In fact, this is how I prefer to index my Word-based documentation: I create a single {XE} field with bogus text, like {XE "TEXTHERE"}, and then paste and overwrite for every Each entry is illuminated with straightforward explanations, clear instructions, and tips on making the most of Word's features. MS Access 2003 problem with security rights New Monitor - How do I display 2 pages [RESOLVED] Excel 2003 Enter Key Problem Outlok 2003 Send/Resend Margins do not fit page error If you're a knowledgeable indexer, you know that subentries should be sorted by first important word.

So, if you want to preserve the styles in your document, don’t tick the Automatically Update Document Styles box in the Templates and Add‑Ins dialog. Another reason that something might sort in an awkward position is because you have characters or formatting that is getting in the way. Whenever Greg receives a document prepared with an older version of Word and opens it in Word 2010, the line spacing and even the font spacing are frequently different, so much Part Three takes up some of Word's advanced features, with chapters on collaborating, creating a template, using VBA, and more.