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Word 2000 Mail Merge Nightmare.HELP ME PLEASE

I went on Avery's website, found and downloaded the template (11447) but when I open it, Word does not think that this document are labels. If you have lotsa gfx, you have lotsa bad baggage waiting in the wings to trip you up. 2) Re-insert troubled pix into place, then delete their previous incarnation. 3) Use How many geeks does it take to switch of a compter? Uninstalling/reinstalling does not work. http://midsolutions.org/word-2000/word-2000-mail-merge.html

Adam I'm almost positive it has to do with the whole Anti-Trust issue. I'm not even an email designer and this has got me bashing my head against my desk! They don't waste server space with images & all the html code, you don't have to worry about the rendering, plus it definitely removes the IE security problems. senIxon Try Downloading Images, click the text at the top… "Click here to download.

Ismael [ANN]: We've moved to microsoft.public.mac.office.entourage!! (11/7/04) 0 replies , 11/7/2004, 1:00:43 PM Dear users of microsoft.public.office.mac.entourage, We're listening! But a regular-expression database match between words in your message might mean deletion - "stick" being too close to "stock" might dock you that final 10 points and quarantine. If your corporate standard demands it, let the IT department pay the toll in man-hours and hair pulling. No biggie.

Yes, lets all give thanks for Outlook 2007. . . This move will ultimately make outlook much more secure. The web design world would be up in arms! Rob You forget one important thing: you opinion is meaningless.

And regardless of whether or not you like HTML e-mail, when a user opts-in to a mailing and chooses to recieve that mailing via a produced HTML e-mail, we as web However, whilst Outlook remains the dominant email client, I would avoid HTML mail at all costs. We just got the email marketing side of our business going this summer and now it's all down the toilet as the industry changes again. Guest, Feb 9, 2005, in forum: Microsoft Word Document Management Replies: 0 Views: 196 Guest Feb 9, 2005 Propagate footers across Section Breaks?

The reason that the rendering is now done in Word 2007 and not Internet Explorer is because it is required by LAW. Full table based designs *no CSS* because so many email programs strip it out. Were pretty strict on what the guts of our emails have. Find out more Campaign Monitor Features Pricing Resources Customers Gallery Agencies Support Sales SIGN UP Log In Contact us Campaign Monitor ASK US YOUR QUESTIONS Request a live demo Contact

These are default rules. Surely they'd just replace the IE6 rendering engine with IE7 and be done with it. Seems the real solution would be that ol' marketplace thing: if you don't like the email… unsubscribe. Google makes excellent products: Picasa, World, toolbar, etc.

That70sHeidi, Dec 18, 2009, in forum: Microsoft Word Document Management Replies: 1 Views: 434 Jay Freedman Dec 18, 2009 Can youp propagate changes to inserted text from file? http://midsolutions.org/word-2000/word-2000-as-email-editor-outlook-2000-causing-text-headache.html Sank I like it. basic HTML is fine. Do it for the people.

Justin Is it possible that Word 2007's rendering engine has been updated to support things like CSS… haven't heard anything about it but doesnt this seem possible? I get a pop-up with the message "Microsoft Word has not been installed for current user. Chris Harrison You're not the only one ticked by this decision. More about the author They day they file for bankruptcy I will joyfully celebrate.

If they wish to continue doing this, people will stop using their products. Lalalalala Ooh, they could rename it I-email for ironic effect. I can't believe there are actually people complaining.

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As a web developer who cries in trying to make thingswork in IE… I say they are the worst software company in the history of the world. Why should anybody have the choice to create and broadcast standards compliant HTML-based email to their online community or audience? Email to Outlook users should, from now on, be considered text only by default. Charles Kenyon (03/11/04) Re: Possible to get names of MailMerge fields in the main document?

Why do you assume that someone should have to have IE installed to view your ads? Always resize or crop the picture using a dedicated graphics program before you insert it into word. Using mail merge and fax to different fax number 3. http://midsolutions.org/word-2000/word-2000-merge-assistancr-please.html http://www.microsoftblog.info/ abhi Microsoft Office 2003 Multilingual User Interface Pack - German 0 replies , 10/6/2004, 9:51:20 PM Hello!

I mean, if the "Change All" button is NOT clicked, then the Open with works as expected, so, it must do something to the file (yet, Console says nothing!). It also means that these poorly designed HTML emails will be more widespread.Just a though. Corporately I user Opera and Firefox, as well as Outlook. Bubby Anyone want to start a quick voting system for each post here?

Times have changed. So what is the problem? Word of warning though, it only works with Microsoft software and Dreamweaver. Nick If you don't like something in an open source software, you (or a programmer you hire) can change it to your liking.

If you need graphical pretty things sent to specific people, find another way. Charles Kenyon (03/19/04) Re: Filtering mail merge records.... Both our products are developed on Microsoft's .NET platform and we've been a fan of their development environment for the better part of a decade. Spammers will continue to send their huge image containing text about the latest penny-stock and it will work just fine in Outlook 2007.

Thank you for your time. =?Utf-8?B?VGVyaXNzbWFuODU=?= Microsoft Error Reporting 1 replies , 9/15/2005, 6:41:08 PM I am having issues with Office 2004:Mac .