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Word 2000 As Email Editor Outlook 2000 Causing Text Headache

Oscar Gensmann I think it is great that spammers now have a harder time sending emails that contact servers to download pictures (and make it known the email address is active). Share Tweet Pin it +1 Share Previous Post Yahoo Beta's Embedded CSS May Affect Your Layout Next Post Background Colors in HTML Emails Join the Discussion Chris Peak25 May 2011, 2:52 Sending marketing via email should be done with attachments, not inline code that makes im TechRepublic Search GO CXO Cloud Big Data Security Innovation More Software Data Centers Networking Startups Tech Thread Status: Not open for further replies. check my blog

They're taking 200 steps backward while everyone else takes a few steps forward. The Viewer is a free 25.8 MB download available from the Microsoft Web site. I searched for this issue but guess I used the wrong keywords til today. Also, if you open the email in Outlook 2003 it looks fine.

Seriously? In the absence of a workaround, they provided a great nugget of advice: Though it will never work in quite the same way as margin, the padding property can be used You will note the issue in this test on Email on Acid http://www.emailonacid.com/app/acidtest/viewresult/B3sdq7KMJacvzoTf1i61XBtNRCE8FhKrYbZAa1XCotj2o Geoff Phillips23 April 2013, 8:10 @jkeene1866, Yes, I see what you mean.

MIke lol @Matt Maybe we should get rid of HDTV and go back to black and white as well. Many of the newsletters I subscribed to had become unreadable, and SitePoint’s own publications (including the Tech Times) were looking decidedly unhealthy. Is there a way to insert and maintain the original proportions of the image in Outlook 2007? Email should be text, and text only.

The method is: 1) Open the E-mail in it’s own window (double click) 2) Click the toolbar button called “Other actions” in the ribbon 3) Choose “View in browser” As a The sender would attach a PDF copy of the newsletter to a plain-text email, thereby giving recipients the option of either reading it in plain text, or launching it in Acrobat. Jonathan31 October 2012, 6:33 I understand why the problem occurs (and thank your for explaining it so clearly), but I'm not sure how page breaks can be avoided in a two-column Sam developer_autumn0130 April 2012, 19:36 Another Tip.

i searched for like 1h over the internet for an answer to my problem and i found it here.. I dutifully reported these rendering issues with the feedback mechanisms provided in the beta, and wrote them off as Internet Explorer 7 integration issues that would be resolved in the final If support for web standards in browsers is improving slowly, then support in email clients is moving at a glacial pace. http://www.emailonacid.com/app/acidtest/viewresult/G8soYnmXYde9qqGkZXO0hwmejixK5hQUSoQvYjMqbJQH7 jkeene186624 April 2013, 7:56 @Geoff, this is the html: ...

Well what I was thinking is that there might be a setting somewhere in word to do that to html. fixyfoxy08 October 2014, 8:31 Still no luck :( The only option available for us is solution 2. There are plenty of email clients out there that don't support HTML in emails - Forté Agent and Opera to name two that I use - any HTML portions appear as Single paragraph layouts will be a very awkward sell to clients who need to manage their own email content and want to include more than just story teasers and links in

MS-suX I'm an employee at a Belgian software company. click site The loops that email clients are forcing us to jump through to get HTML email reminds me of those nightmares you have where everything is going terribly, horribly wrong, and then Might help others with a similar setup. deborah Our business is a highly regulated business where for leagal reasons emails need to match across platforms and cliens.

  • Every time, Outlook.com stripped all mentions of margin from our HTML email code, simply leaving tantalizing semi-colons, like prawn tails after a seafood dinner.
  • That’s right.
  • Thats m rant over DRoss …just waiting for the day we actually hear some positive, progressive news from Microsoft and email.
  • Nick I don't use Outlook so I'm not clear on what formats it supports, but is there some other layout format besides HTML which it supports?
  • would you read it if it was just a bunch of text?

Basically Microsoft is forcing people to use Word to create their e-mails. You have choices. This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. news Outlook, as the author mentions, is a very important HTML client, with a substantial amount of end-user market share.

Did go back and try html again. So, to conclude, everyone's input helped and with some time put in I now have the email text and editor in harmony and I now understand why the faxing is like I have now split that into 2 images (top half: 1655px, bottom half: 657px).

Therefore, If you have any tables that are higher than 23.7 inches within your email, it will get broken up into multiple, stacked text boundaries.

Search Search for... I'll give you a headache. (Note to Microsoft if anyone there reads this: Why the heck would you use Word to render HTML when Internet Explorer is most certainly installed on WHY!?I guess they are building on such an old core that there's no way back anymore. The adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words" IS also true.

Aaron I hope Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft read this… Seeing as they are the only companies that matter when it comes to E-Mail clients. Way back when I first started using the internet, my email client was Netscape 4.0 - and it was good. The solution of simply linking to a web page in the e-mail creates the problems of availability and portability. More about the author Changing either one as the default seems to make no difference to how the font arrives at the other end.

While I agree with Karl concerning the use of HTML in email, I have clients that want fancy email, so I'm stuck validating it. You'll probably be able to rule some of them out when I could not.) If all else fails, try this one. MarketAgent 007 Margins have been very unreliable in MS Outlook for years. I intend to do this everywhere I'm called from now on :) Anonymous Bout time they updated the rendering for word probably, as it must be a long time since -

Anyway, I seem to have a glitch here somewhere to sort out. Thanks. Maybe instead of using HTML maybe try to set it up as Microsoft rich text format. Abby Larsen That awful thought had occurred to me, too, Patrick.