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Structure Of Windows Xp Operating System


This folder contains all the files and executables needed by Microsoft Outlook Express, a simple e-mail application. Windows Update. The simple addition of an activity center panel in My Computer doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but its impact is tremendous. On this computer I have a drive C. navigate here

These files support all the Windows XP Help services, including features such as Remote Desktop Assistance. How in the [Documents and Settings] has more users, created by 'the system', it is logical that neither the composition of preloaded data in registers editor is going to be the Restore. However, the system partition must always be on the first hard drive in the system and must be an active primary partition. http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/article.aspx?p=101731

Structure Of Windows Xp Operating System

Connection Wizard. Red Hat Linux contains two boot loaders—LILO and GRUB—that can also be used for a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP. Installing multiple operating systems on a single computer with Windows XP Professional (or Home Edition) often requires a specific installation order or manual post-installation configuration changes. CatRoot2.

These drives of course don't have to have these specific letters associated with it. USMT stands for User State Migration Tool. A CD-ROM could be on drive H. Windows 7 Directory Structure bootsect.dos Present only on dual-boot systems.

Contains configuration .idf files used by the MIDI sound system. Oobe. Contains files for Univeral Plug and Play. That means no additional services or applications were installed from the Windows XP distribution CD, no hotfixes were applied, and Internet Explorer was not updated.

Registration. Explain Windows Structure Once you have typed a new name press enter. Contains all installed fonts. NOTE The file and folder structure discussed in this chapter is derived from a fresh installation of Windows XP on an x86 desktop system with Service Pack 1 integrated.

  • I show you how to use each of these tools in the next section.
  • The principle is that this file is in size two times larger than the physical presence of memory, but it does not have to be strictly observed if there is enough
  • MsDTC.
  • It requires that boot.ini, ntdetect.com, bootsect.dos (if dual booting), and ntbootdd.sys (if booting on a non-BIOS enabled SCSI drive; that is, scsi() is used instead of multi() in the ARC name
  • This folder contains all the files and executables needed by Microsoft Outlook Express, a simple e-mail application.
  • This chapter looks at the file and folder structure created by a Windows XP installation, provides a roadmap for important programs, and discusses other issues related to file structure and layout.

Windows Xp Directory Structure

Os2. http://www.informatics.buzdo.com/p705-xp-folders-files.htm Contains driver files (.sys); the \etc folder contains sample copies of the TCP/IP text-based configuration files, such as Hosts and LMHosts files. Structure Of Windows Xp Operating System NTLDR uses this file when the selected operating system is not Windows XP. Windows Xp Structure The Microsoft implementation of WBEM is the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Service.

Unfortunately, the way these terms are used is the reverse of common sense usage. http://midsolutions.org/windows-xp/windows-xp-operating-error-alert-help.html This folder contains any applications that have been ported over from other Windows operating systems (such as Pinball). COM+ builds on the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) integrated services and features, making it easier for developers to create and use software components in any language, using any tool. For popular tools, see the "For More Information" section at the end of this chapter. Where Are Drivers Stored In Windows Xp

System Volume Information This folder stores all disk permission and security information. Messenger. System32. his comment is here Notice in the address bar you have the full path name of the folder you selected.

This can be very useful if you have a lot of folders inside one another. bootsect.dos Present only on dual-boot systems. And the way that we separate the names of these folders is we put a backslash just prior to the folder name.


Someone may be used as a warehouse. The Client Side Cache is where contents of mapped network drives are cached so that the contents of these drives will be available offline. These files enable you to set up Internet access through MSN or to select another available Internet service provider. Our Year in 2015 Resources For Educators Our Approach Teacher Guides Resources and Tools Teacher Stories Give Us Feedback!

Msapps. Both tools enable user files and settings to be copied to another PC. Table 3.2 describes the five folders created in the boot partition's root folder (normally the C:\ drive) during the installation of Windows XP. http://midsolutions.org/windows-xp/where-do-we-typically-install-the-operating-system.html Contains the Registry hives used during bootup and is the storage location for the System, Security, and Application log files viewed through Event Viewer.

Map [Application Data] contains all the settings of software that a user can set according to your preferences, which means that the contents of this folder is not the same for It's better to predict which users are allowed to access the folder and give them related rights. Mui. The boot partition can be a primary partition or a logical drive within an extended partition.

Please visit using a browser with javascript enabled. Windows XP Directory Structures The Windows XP installation routine makes several changes to your hard drives. In this way the system is designed to work with two separate disks (no RAID arrays) to speed up the work when the operating system requirements to virtual memory frequent. Xerox.

You can access its contents by launching the Recycle Bin tool from the desktop.Note that this folder does not appear until a file is deleted.