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One trust is from the HB-RESWC resource domain to the hay-buv.tld domain to allow migrated users to access the resources in HB-RESWC as they originally did. If the Migrate associated user groups option is selected, it will migrate the user's group but not members of those groups. Migrate a subset of users to a Windows 2000 forest as a "pilot." Move users in small sets, for example, 100 users at a time. Review these files to see what information is on the server you are migrating and what trouble spots might affect the migration. Check This Out

i find this interesting. I remember doing this a couple of years ago. -- Jean-Baptiste Nivoit, February 7, 2000 At the risk of drawing flames from all partisans... The changes can be summarized in the table : Generation Client Software Server Software Departmental Server Machine Type 1 Pathworks Client for DOS V2 to V4 Pathworks Server for VMS V2 Similarly, if volumes on NetWare servers have the same name and you are transferring the volumes to a single Windows NT Server computer, you should plan how you want the volumes http://www.zdnet.com/article/migrating-windows-nt-to-windows-server-2003-using-the-active-directory-migration-tool/

Selecting this option is basically the same as telling ADMT to create a SID history for the object. Migration Environment Before migrating the production environment, Hay Buv Toys wanted to test the sequence of the necessary steps in a test environment. Events are logged in the source and the target domain.

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  2. Double-click the policy to reveal the Network Access: Let Everyone Permission Apply To Anonymous dialog box.
  3. However, doing so almost guarantees that you'll get a lot of migration errors.
  4. Office, by the way was a Mac-only product at first.
  5. For example, to migrate the user account currently named Patricia, rename it to PSmith, and give it a password of Orange, you would put the following line in the [users] section
  6. Apart from working with a lot of companies all Windows based, I use some esoteric CASE tools to manage software projects, for which at the moment there is no mac equivalent.
  7. Click OK.

Youll see a mac. Because the concepts remain the same, it is possible to extend the procedures to larger environments with more master account domains. Unlike Console Operators, whose control can be restricted to a single server, Server Operators have abilities on every server in the domain. The computers that are currently members of the NT domain are as follows.

However, membership still exists and users are not impacted. First, copy the Edb500.dl_ file from the i386 folder on the CD-ROM to the %systemroot%\system32 folder on your server. A system logon script is also available; it is the file Net$dat.log in the SYSVOL/PUBLIC folder. http://www.pointdev.com/en/ideal-migration/ This is required because, by default, Security Accounts Manager (SAM) RPC interfaces are capable of being called remotely only on the named pipes transport.

Figure 9.28: The migrated group Executives in the HB-ACCT organizational unit Tip If the organizational unit still appears to be empty, right-click the HB-ACCT OU and select Refresh. Click Next a couple of times, followed by Finish, and the necessary DLL files will be copied to your Windows NT Server. As a work-around, we can upgrade the Windows NT server to Windows Server 2003 and then migrate to Windows Server 2008/2012. The SID of the source group HB-ACCT\Executives was added to the sIDHistory attribute of the new group CN=Executives,OU=HB-ACCT,DC=HAY-BUV,DC=tld.

Therefore, if you don't enable auditing or don't audit the correct things, the migration process might work, but you may have a tough time determining which objects were actually migrated. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windowsnt/4/server/proddocs/en-us/network/xns14.mspx Apple learnt a big lesson about reliability then. Before You Call for Support Please keep in mind that Microsoft does not provide support for these walkthroughs. The computer roles are as follows: Computer name Domain Role HAY-BUV-DC1 HAY-BUV Domain controller HB-ACCT-PDC HB-ACCT Primary domain controller (PDC)File server HB-RESWC-PDC HB-RESWC PDCFile server HB-RESWC-BDC HB-RESWC Backup domain controller (BDC)File

Type net start wins again to finish the conversion process.Wrapping up the migrationAfter you've verified that the new Windows Server 2003 WINS server is functioning properly, you can remove the old his comment is here For instance, to update global group membership, you would choose (figure 9.23) to Copy group members but not to Update previously migrated objects. The mapping file format consists of two sections, headed by [users] and [groups] lines. Reviewing the Log FileLogfile.log provides a complete record of the migration that includes both what was successfully transferred and what failed because of an error, including •Transfer Options A record of the

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There is nothing except for an Active Directory Migration Tool container that contains an empty Reports container. All rights reserved. The purpose of the walkthroughs is to facilitate your initial evaluation of the Microsoft Windows 2000 features.

So that you can transfer user and group accounts from a NetWare server to a Windows NT Server master domain, the Migration Tool allows you to specify the domain to which

This dialog box allows you to select the OU in the target domain. Click OK. If not, use the Browse button to select the OU. Figure 9.37 Select Leave both accounts open and Migrate user SIDs to target domain.

Your Macintosh crashes all the time and you want to throw it into a swamp and just use Windows NT (relatively crash-proof) on your desktop. Migrating Windows NT 4.0 account domains to a parallel Windows 2000 domain allows administrators of Windows NT to: Consolidate multiple Windows NT 4.0 account domains into a single Windows 2000 domain. Highlight the Windows 2000 domain to be changed and right-click. navigate here Click Next.

After creating this registry key, close the registry editor, remove the Windows Server 2003 installation CD and the password encryption key disk, and reboot the NT Server. Once the console is open, double-click the Administrators group and add the Domain Admins group from your Windows 2003 domain. To have to start all over is something you definitely want to try to avoid. Select the Browse button.

Due to the huge number of Pentium PC suppliers, more choices are available and better bargain for the machines and peripherals can be obtained. These properties are: Home Directory: mapped to X:\ is share \\HB-RESWC-PDC\JoeD Logon Hours: Allowed any day except Saturday and Sunday Dial-in permission: granted An additional property has been assigned to user As for the person that said "How come Apple is not suing Microsoft for stealing their OS?" Well, they did, but a court decided MS was not guilty. Open Control Panel and double-click System.

You can navigate to the object by double-clicking the domain first, then the OU HB-ACCT, and then the group Executives. In this respect, two candidates are chosen for our environment. As a result of the migration, the following actions were performed: A new group was created with a new primary SID called CN=Executives,OU=HB-ACCT,DC=HAY-BUV,DC=tld. and click Next.

For more information on Windows NT Server and NetWare administrative accounts, see "Comparing Administrative Accounts," earlier in this chapter. The Organizational Unit Selection dialog box opens. They sell you crappy software and then make you work harder to install the fixes. Figure 9.7: Registry changes to source domain controller Walkthrough In this walkthrough, you will learn how to prepare the Windows 2000 target domain for migration, migrate the Windows NT 4.0 global

From the View menu, select Tree. They let you do the work you need to do, instead of trying to figure out how to do it. I had to write this year about the history of multimedia, and I was surprised, how often I met sites with the introduction "... All attributes from the source object are copied to the new user.