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A To button (Alt + T) and a To edit box, and then similarly a button and edit box for each of Cc and Bcc. One line for each condition which you checked. The dialog includes the following controls: Quick search edit box, which is the initial focus. Depending on how much junk email you get, you might want to check this check box. have a peek here

You are returned to the Rule Description edit box. To change one of the date fields, either type in a number, or use Up Arrow or Down Arrow. Type in your message. Saving attachments There are two ways of saving attachments. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/livemail-people/how-to-add-a-group-in-contacts-of-windows-live/436e9f93-0e9c-4026-85dd-853f39906694

One line for each action which you checked. To read the title bar, press Insert + T. So all you have to do is type in a reply. Note that you can add contacts to a category and remove them in the dialog for creating a new category.

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  2. By default the messages are sorted by when they were sent, with the most recent at the bottom of the list.
  3. Editing Contacts To edit a contact, select it in the contact list, and choose Edit Contact from its context menu.
  4. You can either Tab to the button and press it, or make use of their access keys by pressing Alt + T, or Alt + C or Alt + B respectively.
  5. In the folder list tree view, select the desired destination folder, and then press Enter to press the default OK button.

To change the property by which the messages in a folder are sorted: On the View tab, immediately after the Sort order menu button, there's a Sort by menu button. The first time I noticed the problem is when I used a goup in the bcc with no other addresses. To Hide or Show the Cc and Bcc edit boxes, either press Shift + Tab until you get to the Show/Hide Cc and Bcc button and press it, or press Alt If you want to send to only a few members of a category, start in the Contacts window and select the category in the left-hand pane.

Often, this may be the only information you want to enter, so after entering this you can just press Enter to press the default Add contact button. Press Down Arrow to move to the Message list which contains the results of the search. To read the next unread message, press Ctrl + U. https://wlmail.wordpress.com/contacts-1/groups/ For example, if you wanted the contact David Copperfield, then, you could type in: david, if this was your only contact with the name david.

The first method can only save a single attachment, whereas the second can save one or more attachments. The Save To edit box contains the path of the folder where the attachments will be saved. Opening attachments In the message window: From the top of the message body, you can move to the first attachment button by pressing Shift + Tab. Then I renamed a group and with my Word sheet in hand, I went through and selected all my names and put them in the new group.

When a category is selected in the Folder tree, then the contacts in that category are shown in the Contact list. Source The purpose of the window is to alert you to the type of file you're about to open – some types can be risky to open. As was the case with the conditions, many of the actions need further specification, and this is done in the Rule Description edit box, which is the next control, and is For the messages in these folders, then by default Jaws reads: who the message is from, the subject, and when it was received.

Old age perhaps. navigate here If there's more than one attachment, you can move to another one by using Right Arrow and Left Arrow. Alternatively, just press the short cut for one of the buttons. At this point I ran a test email and told receiptants they did not need to reply. {Make sure your own name is on each group so you can see it

Additional information: Instead of typing in the full name of contacts and categories, Windows Live Mail can auto-complete the names of contacts and categories. The first uses the Search edit box in the main window, and can be used for searching either the messages in the current folder, or all your messages. That includes non-email features like the built-in RSS reader (for news feeds), and the powerful calendar, which can be synchronized online once you have setup a Hotmail / Outlook.com account (Windows Check This Out Note that Jaws mistakenly reads this as the message list.

Checking spelling To check the spelling of the message body press F7. To print the message, open the Application menu, and choose Print (Ctrl + P). The current version is Windows Live Mail 2012 "Wave 5", now a much closer alternative to Outlook, with a built-in calendar and RSS reader.Tip: on Windows XP, the latest version you

Note that the Jaws command Insert + C to read the context of a spelling mistake does not work with this program.

Folder tree, which contains your email folders such as Inbox and Sent Items. The phrase which you edited, “contains specific words”, has been replaced by the phrase “contains Mark Twain”. Press the menu button, and choose All mail. You can move forward or backwards through these tab names by pressing Tab or Shift + Tab.

Show Cc and Bcc button (Alt + B). You can work around this bug by manually labeling the graphics that indicate these things, and this is described in the Labeling graphics section of the Customizing Windows Live Mail section. Note that on the Message tab, in the Respond group, there is a Forward split button. this contact form So if you're in the To edit box, then simply press Shift + Tab, and press the button.