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How To Fix The Resolution On My Computer Windows 7


It was saying how an error had come up and something like "SECTION3_INITIALIZATION_FAILED" and said ***STOP (some address here, when I try again I'll post it) I didn't have a reboot I attempted to reboot the computer, to no avail. They said there are problems with the motherboard. I've worked on computers all my life and fixed a lot of laptops in the last 10 years and also do automotive work, so I have a method and a nack http://midsolutions.org/windows-7/screen-resolution-problem-in-windows-7.html

When I came home I the only light that comes on when I press the power button is the amber battery light. Gavin May 12, 2008 | I have an Acer Aspire 9100 laptop. If not, you'll be able to run and finish Memtest86+. The power pack works well.

How To Fix The Resolution On My Computer Windows 7

sam January 12, 2011 | After some use mine will just turn off without warning. I'm wondering if those of you having problems after reassembly might have allowed some dust to fall into the CPU socket. My mother had what i thought to be a simple problem that now appears to be a fatal problem. Thanks so much !

Due to extensive wrapping and unwrapping (twisting and all that stuff) of the power cord...my power cord has developed a crack in the wire. The problem is that it shuts down automatically quite often,during working. i can just turn it right back on and it'll work as if nothing happened. View 1 Replies View Related Could Not Load Stuck On Loading Screen Oct 22, 2008 Recently I installed a new hard drive on my sisters PC.

I used a desktop heatsink I had laying around with the dell one aside to see if it was the heatsink, I wasn't running it with nothing, but yeah thanks a Windows 7 Resolution Problem 1024x768 Deanna October 25, 2010 | I have a gateway FX and one day I returned to my laptop to finish some homework and it had frozen. Adam March 8, 2009 | while surfing around i came across this forum i have a little bit of advise for the guy with the gateway 7330gz as ive personally owned I have been looking for a while for instructions.

I've also tried another battery, and it works fine. External monitor does not work either. Any suggestions? I’m starting to think i have a short somewhere or didn’t clean well enough.

Windows 7 Resolution Problem 1024x768

Can anyone help? Did not try to open and clean up the fan and cpu the only thing that I see is the fan is at the bottom of the laptop (manufacture design error) How To Fix The Resolution On My Computer Windows 7 The only way for me to use my laptop if using it with a monitor and leaving the lid closed. Screen Resolution Problem In Windows 7 Before I started I bought some thermal grease at Radio Shack and ran some tests and recorded temperatures and CPU loads along with fan speeds.

PS: Was in at dell for a new fan 6 months prior so I would reccomend giving it a shot of compressed air atleast every 6 months to keep things cool http://midsolutions.org/windows-7/why-is-my-computer-freezing-windows-10.html Also, do you think it matters whether to update bios the windows method or from dos boot disc?? It refused to work on ac or dc and had the power light up green and battery light up amber all throughout but no startup. 2 days later it powered on The procedure had my CPU tem spiked at 138*F for over a day without a lockup.

I did try to go to last known good configuration and that didn't do anything. I'm just not so sure it's the mother board. Al January 3, 2008 | I have a "dead" acer notebook that suddenly just stopped working.nothing.NO power. this page It happens all the time when my son is playing online games, so I assumed the 3G RAM is just not enough to run the graphics.

The next morning when I went to turn it on I was unable to start it. Also, I'm pretty sure that there really isnt anything they could do to fix the motherboard, if something went wrong, I would assume its going to be like that. Remove the battery and try starting the laptop from AC adapter.

THEN it works.

How might I do that?You people are great - I look forward to hearing from you all.Ian Discussion is locked Flag Permalink You are posting a reply to: XP stuck loading The only thing that works is the diagnostics partition of the hard drive. plzzzzzz help me!! Yes, it had done this before, but only under really heavy CPU loads.

It will not power up. Still hung up at the loading screen. My dad's 5100 power brick did the same thing as yours though. Get More Info So what do you think is the problem?

thanks a lot! its really random about it but i have noticed it does it mostly when i do copy/paste actions. I went to CVS, bought some of that dust cleaner spray and sprayed all in the bottom of the fan, tons of dust came out, then sprayed in the back fan(exhaust), It's a daunting task, and considerably more involved than just re-doing the heat-sink compound, although you're about 40% taken apart once you get the heat sink off the motherboard.

I also forgot to give credit to sherree for creating this website. I am out of ideas I was hoping someone would have some advice for me. Several are reporting that after taking the fan/heatsink/CPU apart, the laptop doesn't boot anymore. I'm glad that you like my sites and I enjoy developing them.

Starts loading up programs and then restarts and then restarts etc. I turn it back on it then last for about 2 mins and turns off again I have completly stripped the laptop, cleaned the fan & heatsink, still the same Can