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We can help you audit and secure yours. SyncStop achieves this by blocking the data pins on any USB cable and allowing only power to flow through. In lab, participants will configure and connect JTAG hardware and software for run control of an embedded cpu.Unit 5: Finding Pinouts AutomaticallyDiscuss algorithms and methods for automatically identifying debug ports. In lab, participants will manipulate the filesystem to add a backdoor to be remotely accessed.Unit 7: Advanced Firmware AnalysisIntroduce tools for binary reverse engineering of executables found in firmware.

Members of Xipiter's team regularly speak and present research internationally at industry conferences and we've co-authored books on exploitation, reverse engineering, and embedded systems.OUR NAME:Xipiter is named after the "Accipiter" which In lab, participants will re-enable jtag access on an unmodified android tabletUnit 8: JTAG ExploitationPresent multiple methods of escalating software privilege via jtag. blog/profile URLs, etc.) * Upload your CV (if you have one) * Max file size: 20MB Apply! Current Positions: Backend developer This position is posted on StackOverflow.The foremost responsibility of It is important that a candidate be energetic and enthusiastic about this kind of work, with a "take charge" attitude and willingness to devour existing code/documentation to take ownership (or rewrite

Xipiter also holds the patent for the "PPASP" technology and all related Tally wordmarks and trademarks. For up-to-date news on Xipiter register for our newsletters or download them.toll-free: 1.855.XIP.ITER This talk explains why. Xipiter performs some of these services:Source Code Audits (C/C++, Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, .NET and more)"Black Box Testing" includingSoftware Reverse Engineering, Fuzzing, and Protocol replicationImplementation of Software Sandboxes, Privilege separation schemes, These courses have also beentaughtglobally to a range of clients:fromsmall development shops to large multinational companies and governmental organizations.(click each training title to get specific information about each offering) don't take

In lab, participants will dump firmware off a target via JTAG.Unit 3: Advanced Firmware DumpingPresent non-invasive methods of directly accessing various flash storage chips. Xipiter helps its clients audit and secure their software, hardware and mobile solutions. Class Syllabus:Unit 1: Basic UARTIntroduce UARTs, their Common uses, and Tools to interface them. Xipiter Vulnerability Disclosure PolicyFile Size: 518 kbFile Type: pdfDownload File For up-to-date news on Xipiter register for our newsletters or download them.toll-free: 1.855.XIP.ITER main: 1.646.783.3999 fax:1.917.746.9832email:info (@t) xipiter (dot.) com©

Accipiters are not the most majestic or fierce birds of prey, but their adaptability, loyalty, and intellect have made them the most popular birds for the oldest documented sport:Falconry.You can read RIM(Blackberry) ComCast/XFinity The National Security Agency Samsung Hewlett-Packard For up-to-date news on Xipiter register for our newsletters or download them.toll-free: 1.855.XIP.ITER main: 1.646.783.3999 fax:1.917.746.9832email:info (@t) Latest PostJTAG Explained (finally!)Using Xipiter's "Shikra" to hack embedded devicesUpcoming Public TrainingsRecent TrainingsXipiter Public US and EU(SOLD OUT)"Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation"SOLD OUTBlackhat 2016"Practical ARM Exploitation"SOLD OUTat Blackhat 2016!Software Exploitation Via To orderor learn more, visit the SyncStop website.

Venues: uCon 2009 (Recife, Brazil), SyScan 2009 (Singapore), SDWest 2009 (Santa Clara, CA) Greyhat Ruby This talk discusses using Ruby for security research (which is mostly dominated by Python). Xipiter holds the exclusive IP rights to "USB Condoms" (wordmarks and trademarks). tally/osprey (project) Tally devices are inexpensive ways to keep track of the physical world.Tally devices are a series We provide our clients with a range of software security services but we specialize in software exploitation, hardware and software reverse engineering, code-audits, embedded systems, and operating system internals.Operating mostly quietly Get a seat inboththe "ARM Exploitation" and "SexViahex" classes for a discounted rate. 8 full days of training!

See what others have said about this course! service. We're seeking a candidate (in the Portland, OR metropolitan area) for development of a neat low-power/low-footprint appliances (contractually or part-time). Strong backend-end development skills are a must with the ability to rapidly prototype and work collaboratively with other developers (including our overseas frontend developers).

GET A SEAT IN BOTH CLASSES FOR A DISCOUNTED RATE! 3. The hope is to demystify (somewhat) hardware security research.Video, slides, and blogpost about this talk is here. Xipiter Home Training Practical ARM Exploitation Software Exploitation Via Hardware Exploitation Practical Android Exploitation Training Testimonials September 2016 EU Public Training Info September 2015 EU Public Training Info Services Software In lab, participants will perform simple timing analysis to crack a microcontroller-based pin entry system.Unit 3: Power Side ChannelIntroduce power side channels as well as methods to measure power consumption.

It was the first talk of its kind following the (then) recent release of the Chrome sandbox which is still regarded as the defacto standard for software sandboxing on Microsoft Operating So our research was into developing techniques for "Advanced Exploitation" on ARM based systems. Xipiter custom printing of the Android Hacker's Handbook Click here to reserve your seat at blackhat 2017! CONTACT US FOR PRIVATE VERSIONS OF ANY OF OUR COURSES! Subscribehere to The talk is mostly memoirs of a Python coder's foray into Ruby and provides some compelling uses for Ruby (over Python) for security research in simple and easy code patterns.Slides are

This class is aimed to an indispensable training for mobile developers, forensics investigators, software security professionals, and others.Next Class:Blackhat Las Vegas 2017 (Register Now!)US Public Training 2017 (TBA)EU Public Training 2017 Venues: PacSec 2007 (Tokyo, Japan) introduction to windows NT Kernel security Some simple and basic information about security in the NT Kernel and common pitfalls of developers when developing specifically Services include but are not limited to:Developer training and Security AwarenessStaff Awareness (through real attacks and social engineering)Disaster Recovery PlanningExecutive reportingSecurity Architecture Review and Risk AssessmentLegacy Application securityFor more information on

More information on Tally(including introduction video) is available on the Tally website.

So much so that we develop our own.We've helped large manufacturers of set-top boxes, entertainment systems, gaming systems, mobile phones, Point-Of-Sales systems, and Utilities to secure their embedded applications (and related Next Classes: Blackhat 2017 (Register Today!)US Public Training 2017 (TBA)EU Public Training 2017 (TBA) Contact usfor private onsite version of this course. We've not only had to secure infrastructure and applications, but we've also been (and are currently) developers ourselves, so we understand the need to just "get it done and out the Ridley, Principal at Xipiter was a co-author of the "Android Hacker's Handbook" from Wiley & Sons publishing.

In lab, participants will acquire a root console on an embedded device via serial cable.Unit 2: Exploit via UARTDiscuss attack surface exposed via UART. Participants will learn how attackers reverse engineer, tamper with,and exploit all parts of an industrial control network from PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) to workstations. In lab, participants will analyze and make minor modifications to exploit a firmware, and flash it back to the target device.Unit 6: Intermediate Firmware AnalysisDiscuss further methods for extracting, modifying, and In lab, participants will reverse engineer the firmware for a small game console and extract key elements.Exploitation and Side ChannelsUnit 1: Embedded ExploitationIntroduce common issues with embedded code on ARM.

We'll help you circle back around to build a plan to secure your applications or infrastructure. Automation Exploitation (new!) Above are some of the devices used and discussed in this course. Automation-Exploitation.com is the third custom developed training by our research team. In lab, participants will identify and exploit vulnerabilities in code found on an embedded ARM device.Unit 2: Timing Side ChannelsIntroduce the concept of side channel attacks and show examples of how Get a Seat In Both classes For a discounted rate! 2.Practical ARM ExploitationThis course introduces students "real world" exploitation scenarios on ARM under the real-world circumstances in which the exploit

The language was designed to be a simple way to rapidly build extensible test suites for any protocol without needing to learn the complexities of objects and classes used in fuzzing We're looking for knowledgable and dedicated folks who can join us in the fun of collaboratively building product and performing quality services.Scroll down for more information about available positions. Xipiter staff has experience building information security practices (at technology companies and startups) from the ground up so we know how to communicate the highly technical security issues that have business