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This will hack our system" above people have posted links to m$ft site where it tells about the space. Platinum Quickbook's timer for recording your hours uses it. DriverDoc updates all of your PC device drivers, not just those associated with your EXE error. So I guess that makes me the culprit. click site

you can close it if you wont but it is only a hart beat string Darkknight it blocks my IE!!!!!! NewsMalwareSoftwareFilesAsk Us Tweet What is wowexec.exe? under XP Proccesses. See also: Link kc Do you use 16bit apps?

This is a discussion on is wowexec.exe harm process? Only drawback seems to be that it stays resident in memory even after you exit from the game and sometimes will not allow another old game to launch until you manually Willis Windows on Windows Exec (WoWExec) for running 16-bit programs under 32-bit windows. Look for another process that is indented in the Task Mgr.

  1. Man45 It appeared for the first time on my computer when Firefox updated to version 17.0 Mike i believe this process is related to the emulation of drives, but seeing as
  2. Relax if you have the "no-space" version.
  3. Before i removed it my cpu was idle at 20% ish, now its between 0% and 4% Soulvex Close it as soon as your game loads to save CPU.
  4. See also: Link bizzyb0t MS claims that even though there is a space, its needed in NT based operating systems to emulated 16bit programs (ie.

RyanG it loads/runs when I run sunny data, sdcv37.exe this program 'monitors' my serial port to 'read' the output of an rs232 signal on a solar electrical system, software availble http://www.sma-america.com/index.aspx As far as I can tell if it doesn't have an underscore "_" before it's name it's okay. Sometimes, however, there are imposter processes (e.g. _wowexec.exe) Chris wowexec.exe showed up under my iexplore.exe process (without the _ before it, but with the space) while I was surfing microsoft support. If you close ntvdm.exe the " wowexec.exe" will also close.

dho I find it in the list of processes for my Gateway2000 (Pentium II), running W2K with an indentation of one space. We ask ourselves the questions like: Do this file pose a threat? when you do not have any 16-bit application running, and see that wowexec.exe is running, there is a high possibility that your pc is infected with virus (but it's not the It seems at least capricious in nature, if not pernicious.

It runs 16-bit .EXEs on a 32-bit computer. Executable files may, in some cases, harm your computer. Its normal for wowexec to have space in task manager as it runs in conjunction with another program. martin The file is contained in an archive and windows will automatically reextract it to system32 if it needs it.

System File Checker will begin scanning for wowexec.exe and other system file problems (be patient - the system scan may take a while). Joe Kuhlman Even with a space it is fine. I have read that there is a _wowexec.exe that is a virus. It is indented for a reason.

just take it as an indicator) shylah the process destroys communications via msmqueue technology. This file is shown with space at the beginning in process manager. Frank Turscak some people don't read before posting..anyways repeating what has been said to those who don't read, if it has a space before the name its fine, its not a For those of you who say you do not run any 16-bit programs there is something you should know.

If this junk isn't occasionally cleaned out, it can cause Office XP Professional with FrontPage to respond slowly or provides an wowexec.exe error, possibly due to file conflicts or an overloaded Be careful about dealing with this. Running old games brings it up, so windows can run in 16 bit no worries This is not a bad process wowexec isnt spyware or malware and is included in windows. A lot of people out there have been saying this is a bad file.

This is a terrible diagnostic tool, and I don't recccomend its use because ultimately it couldn't even tell me what I am using, or what I should put in. It's just useful, not dangerous at all. A backup is automatically created before each scan, with the ability to undo any changes in a single click, protecting you against the possibility of PC damage.

Joel Mercado, Cola, SC "The vulnerability resides in a feature known as the Virtual DOS Machine, which Microsoft introduced in 1993 with Windows NT, according to this writeup penned by Tavis

It does have a space before the name under processes but I believe it to be the proper setup for this exe file as it would be a strange trojan to Ragnar It is generally launched when using a legacy application or game. It doesn't shut down after the app. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool.

tookarip my system with XP as OS has become sudden slow, it took lot of time to open internet explorer, wondering why I opened the task manager and to my surprise I am unable to stop it or remove it at this time grendel_z It is blocking my browser. True enough, the only time I saw it was when I loaded a 1996 music CD that came ith a menu and extras. setythe1st It's supposed to be in your C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

Hope this clarifies the situation. Read also the 165 reviews. 338 users ask for this file. 87users rated it as not dangerous. 11users rated it as not so dangerous. 29users rated it as neutral. 12users rated haven't found which one yet. A space in front of the image name is a simple notation used by Microsoft to highlight a special program.

As a helpful v See also: Link Alex The space before "wowexec.exe" in the task manager is supposed to be there. Menthol WOWexec.exe is a 16bit emulator for 16 bit software on a 32 bit windows platform. If you need to remove malware, you have to purchase the licensed version of Reimage malware removal tool. setythe1st It's supposed to be in your C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

Follow the on-screen directions to complete the uninstallation of your wowexec.exe-associated program. Sometimes it takes up to 94% of the cpu usage. Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows Vista: Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button.